Islam Way of Solving Tensions and Worries of Life

    We come across many incidents in our lives daily or often after which we feel distressed and upset. This is not an alien feeling but a very common thing among the living people. Those who live and lead live in this world are bound to see worries and troubles because we are sent to a place where we will be tested and tried.

    Allah swt says in Quran: al-Balad 90:4
    “Verily, We have created man in toil.”

    The divine words quoted above make it clear that humans are created and are bound to see these hardships because without any hardship life cannot be completed.

    The best thing that we can do to ourselves is the right and positive attitude towards life. If one thinks that he want to lead a life without any worries then it’s not possible, the possible thing is to face every hard situation with courage and confidence. Self confidence is one of the gifts Allah swt has give us because self confidence means the person is ready to take the challenges of life and his confidence level increases when he leaves the results to Allah swt, his Creator and the All-knower.

    Being muslims, we should be grateful to Allah swt that HE has given us this freedom to rely on His entity in every hard or simple matter of life. If we think and believe firmly that everything that come sour ways is from Allah swt, we will be able to pull ourselves away from those tensions and worries that can grab us.
    Forgetting past and worrying about the future are two most common tensions people talk about. Past has passed, it will never come back, and future is unknown to us, so by sitting in present we can neither erase the past nor can we change the future. But we have this tool in our hand which is called “dua”. Dua is what makes us believe that there is someone listening to us, and there is someone standing by us even when the whole world is against us.

    If we submit our wills to Allah swt and leave every matter of our life in His hands, then the burden of worries will be as small as negligible. If there is anything in our past that does not let us live happily, the doors of repentance are always open for us, we can ask for forgiveness to that Most Merciful all the time. And if the worries of future or even the coming day do not let us breathe in peace in present, then just pray and leave the coming day’s matters in His hand who Known everything about us. The One who is Nearer to us than our jugular vein.

    If we lead our lives in accordance with Islam, fully adhering to all the orders of Allah swt, and following His messenger Muhammad s.a.w.w fully, Allah will enter us in Jannah where no worry or tension will ever touch us.

    Allah swt says in Quran:

    al-Hijr 15:48

    “No sense of fatigue shall touch them, nor shall they (ever) be asked to leave.”


    al-Waaqi’ah 56:25-26
    “No laghw (dirty, false, evil vain talk) will they hear therein, nor any sinful speech (like backbiting, etc.), but only the saying of Salaam! Salaam! (greetings with peace).”

    Therefore, to earn the eternal peace, face the today’s realities and hardships keeping the firm believe in Allah swt that He is there for you all the time.

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Islam Way of Solving Tensions and Worries of Life

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