Take a Good Sleep at Night

    Night is meant for sleep. ALLAH says in quran that HE has created night for rest and day for work.
    "It is He who has appointed the night a covering for you and sleep for a rest. The day He has appointed for rising." (Surah Furqan: 47)

    The movement of day and night is not just the alternation of darkness and brightness in our lives, but the coming of the darkness daily means we should lay down and the coming of light does not only mean sun has risen but it means that we are fresh after taking rest and now ready to face the challenges of life. But the life style is been changed altogether. Now people like to wake up for late hours and they sleep half day. This is not only against what Quran says but also medical science has rejected this life style because this causes great imbalance in our life style and adversely affects our health.

    There are some hormones in our body that only excrete during night, and some only work during day, when we are active. When light comes, those hormones try to work but our inactive body stops them to work and those hormones that need to relieve at night time in state of rest cannot do so because they need a body at rest to work. So, we not only cause a major damage to our routine but also to our body leaving immense problems for us. if we do not eat for 2 weeks we can stay alive, if we do not drink water, we can stay alive for a week but if we do not sleep for just 4 or max. 5 days, we will die. Sleeplessness causes great damage to nerves and breaks them and hinders their function. Therefore, this hikmat has olready described in Quran.
    Our beloved prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w was the person who worhiped ALLAH swt the most but even He used to sleep during night.

    “….He used to sleep during the first part of the night and get up to pray during the last part.” Narrated by Al Tirmidhi.

    If Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w never stayed up for whole night, who are we to do so? In fact Muhammad s.a.w.w warned His companions to not stay up after isha.

    Abdullah Bin Mas’ood (may Allah be pleased with him) said: “The Prophet (peace be upon him) used to disapprove and warn against staying up after Isha.” (Ahmad)

    ALLAH swt says in Quran:
    “And [We] have made the night as a covering [through its darkness], and have made the day for livelihood.” (al-Naba’ 78:10-11)

    “Say: ‘Tell me! If Allah made day continuous for you till the Day of Resurrection, who is an ilaah [a god] besides Allah who could bring you night wherein you rest? …” (al-Qasas 28:71)
    The above verses make it clear that the night is for rest. We are not suppose to damage our health so much that we may not be able to perform our daily tasks at day, and causing pain and harm to oneself is already forbidden in Islam.

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Take a Good Sleep at Night

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