Benefits of reading Quran with translation

    Quran is that book of ALLAH which is a biggest miracle of ALLAH and it will remain the same till the last day. ALLAH swt Himself has promised that He will take care of this book and it will never be corrupted like the previous books. This promise, we see held true because despite of the thousands of tries made by the non muslims, quran is still the same.

    Al-Quran 7:204 “When the Quran is read, listen to it with attention, and hold your peace: that ye may receive Mercy.”

    ALLAH swt has said in several places in Quran that this book should be listened with attention and this book is for understanding and for guidance not for plain recitation. But the trend of understanding Quran has become rather old and today people only know how to read the Arabic written in Quran. When they are told about some verses of Quran, they either reject it or doubt the verses. This is due to lack of understanding of Quran.

    Quran is that beautiful book whose vastness cannot be penned down. Though there are only 114 surahs in Quran but every time this book is read, more and more new things come out of the same text. This is another miracle of Quran and can be understood by only those who read it with translation.

    There are many benefits of reading Quran with translation. The best of them is that whenever you come across a problem or any issue, you open Quran and you will find the answer from this book. Mostly people deny this by saying that Quran is book of guidance it is not book of magic. This is not true. This book is called miracle and a scripture till last day only because it contains all that people will need for their understanding till the last day of this world.

    The second benefit is that when it is read with translation, it makes us able to understand life better and just by reading Quran, we can accept and reject certain practices of society we live it.

    By understanding Quran, we can reject those biddats which our society has adopted and is not ready to leave them. It is just by understanding Quran properly that we can learn how to live and how to let other live. Quran teaches us simplicity, dignity, honorable life and better life style. Quran makes us able to feel the fear of ALLAH and feel the coming of the day when everything will be finished within a blink of eye.

    To understand Quran is better than by plain recitation of Arabic which can give us clam for some time but cannot guide us because the plain Arabic is not understandable by most of us. Those who think reciting Quran with translation is only for the scholars, they are wrong and this kind of people are many in this world. They think the understanding is for scholars like bohras etc. they do not think that if it was only for scholars it would have never be protected by ALLAH Himself and it would never have become the most read and most wide spread book.

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Benefits of reading Quran with translation

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